e-Learning mobile

We offer to professionals and companies a cross-device platform for the mobile training which makes e-learning ever more flexible, accessible and effective.



Analyses the clients’ needs to create projects and offer tailored courses through the application of technology over training, creating Distance Learning modules (DL).Plans and offers face to face training courses to private companies through the exploitation of the “Fondi Interprofessionali” (Inter-professional Funds).

Applied Development

Applied Development

Translates the experience developed through the creation of statements about funds for training or voluntary work into IT solutions that guide, simplify, integrate and create processes for the jobs of those who work in this market.

Professional Training

Professional Training

Creates DL modules addressed to professionals (in synergy with professional orders) focusing on specific subjects and aiming at the certification of competence or the collection of credits.

Web & Multimedia

Web − Multimedia

Plans and creates titles, products and events, employing both traditional and digital technology. Creates dynamic websites, portals, intranet, web products for e-commerce.


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